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Kotambi Zilla Parishad

Kotambi Gaon, Peth Surgana

- This is 100% school for Schedule caste and scheduled tribe.

- Total School strength is 164 and 85 boys and 79 are girls

- The school is from 1st class to 8th class.

80% of parents in the school are Farm Workers - Khet Mazdoor who works on paltry sum for their daily livings. Mother and Father don't have any resources to provide education to their children. This zilla parishad school teachers take the initiative to ensure that children are being sent to school regularly.

There are no employment opportunities in the kotambi gaon and most student parents are migrant farm workers who generally travel from one village to another in search of earning their livelihood. There are about 30 children in the school whose parents don't have any accommodation and they keep travelling always in search of employment.

The school teachers have made special arrangements and they themselves have contributed from their salaries initially, to provide food, shelter and imparted education to these children within the school premises. Now Maharashtra Apang Unnati Seva Sanstha provides all the required support for the running of the school and their basic needs.

The children have been nurtured well in sports also, they have shown exemplary performance at district and state level zilla parishad school competitions.

» Running Competition : 100 meter - 1st, 200 meter - 2nd, 400 meters - 2nd

» Elocution Competition : - school came 2nd.

» Khokho : - school got 2nd prize

» Independent signing : - under 4th standard 3rd prize and big students came 2nd prize

» Independent dance : younger students came 1st and  higher standard class students came  1st. In group dance school stood first.

The school teaches a strong academic syllabus,as well as students being taught about spirituality, with an emphasis on moral values and culture. They participate in regular meditations and yoga lessons.

Much of the population in rural areas of India does not place much emphasis on education, mainly because of financial restraints. However there is a growing awareness on the importance of education and parents are eager to see their children get a good education. As you can see, these delightful students are very happy to be at school.