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We Provide Support and Care To The Visible BUT Invisible loving Souls On Earth!

Maharashtra Apang Unnati Seva Sanstha is an initiative straight from the heart of a chosen few who wish to fill the lives of million Visually , Speech and Hearing impaired across cities, borders, nations with the beauty of expression and art of communication. All our joint efforts will be used to understand them.

Some Facts and Challenges

MAUSS has had contact with many organizations in developing countries and recognizes that approximately 90% of the world's hearing and speech impaired persons have never been to school and are thus more or less illiterate. Sign language is repressed in many countries and its use is not permitted in education.

The consequence is that visually, speech and hearing impaired persons are not aware of the rights they have in society, but live as a highly marginalized ghetto group in most developing countries. There is usually no access to information for visually, speech and hearing impaired persons, which means that they do not even know what is happening in their immediate society and even less so in the world. Of the world's visually, speech and hearing impaired persons, only about five percent (5%) can read and write.

This is due to the fact that visually, speech and hearing impaired persons, have not been educated in sign language. Improving the status of sign language has consequences for all areas of life for Deaf people; it opens up possibilities for participation, information and influence, and reduction of poverty.